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Drop-Off Bath

We Do The Dirty Work For You!

Weekdays only

Blowdry for Maya

We offer a drop–off dog wash service by appointment where one of our floor staff will wash your dog for you.  This option is for owners who might not have the time to do it yourself or would rather not deal with the mess.  Just drop off for an hour or so, run some errands and come pick up your sparkling clean pooch!

The service consists of a bath and a towel or blow dry.  Pricing is just a little more than our self-service menu and we can also clip your dog's nails!  If your dog is muddy, sandy or stinky, this service is for you.  For professional fur trimming and haircuts as well as extreme matting, we will direct you to our full-service groomer.

Please call at least a day ahead and know that we only offer this service on weekdays.