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Elizabeth graduated from Skidmore College with B.A. in Biology, concentrating in zoology and animal behavior. In college she spent time abroad studying wolf and red deer interactions in Poland.

After graduating, she moved to the great midwestern state of Minnesota with her future husband, Evan.  She immediately found her place at the Minnesota Zoological Garden (The Minnesota Zoo) as a dolphin trainer.  In the Marine Mammal department, she trained dolphins and studied their social behavior and learning processes.  Eventually she was promoted to a zoo keeping position in the Asian Tropic department.  There she cared for a horde of animals including gibbons, leopards, otters, bears, etc.  Don’t get her started on the tapirs!

Elizabeth was soon lured away by Peggy Callahan at the Wildlife Science Center (, a non-profit in Forest Lake, Minnesota.  The Wildlife Science Center (W.S.C.) is a nationally recognized education and research facility.  It is home to a multitude of animals, including no less than 50 wolves.  Her first official position was as a Den Mother to two litters of 15 4–week–old wolf puppies.   In her seven years at the W.S.C., she raised 5 more litters of wolf puppies, 2 black bears, 2 Bobcats, a fox, and several other quadrupeds.  At the center, she also worked as a wildlife manager overseeing the wellbeing of all the animals, took part in the on–going research projects on breeding and cardiology studies on wolves and taught education and training programs to the public.  These experiences have given her an invaluable foundation in animal care, behaviorism and education.  By the time she left, Elizabeth had been elevated to Assistant Executive Director of the W.S.C.

Elizabeth opened the first self–service dog wash in the Greater Boston area. LaundroMutt™ was inspired by her first German Shepherd, Maya.  Throughout her eleven years, Maya battled skin issues such as rashes and hotspots caused by allergies.  One of the best remedies for her skin problems was frequent, medicated baths.  Groomers were an expensive option, the claw and ball bathtub was a messy and back–braking option and holding her under the cold–water hose in the backyard was not an option at all. It was through her trials and tribulations with Maya's skin issue that Elizabeth realized the need for a self–service dog wash.  And thus LaundroMutt's™ (and now B.Y.O.D.® Dog Wash, as well) mission became clear: to promote the health and wellness of dogs through bathing, a healthy diet, plenty of mental and physical stimulation and consistent training.



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Evan graduated from Skidmore College with B.A. in Studio Art and Art History.  In the art studio, he concentrated on sculpture and printmaking.  For fun, he played Ultimate Frisbee and also became a proficient jumper in Skidmore's Equestrian circuit. Upon graduating, he went to work as a graphic artist for a newspaper.  That is when he met his future wife, Elizabeth.  With a random dart thrown at a map of the USA, they both moved out to Minneapolis, Minnesota the next year.  Go Gophers!  With mosquitoes the size of small birds and winter temperatures that make penguins shiver, what's not to like about Minnesota?  And it was not long before Evan and Elizabeth were accepted into the purple–people–eaters' society and fluent with the local dialect.  Yah sure, you betcha. Not long after arriving in Minneapolis, Evan had the good fortune join Windlight Studios, a computer animation production studio.  Over the years, they gained international recognition for their many talents and works.  Evan worked on and animated many pop icon characters . . . the most famous being Barbie.  This dude knows way more than any adult male should know about Barbie. Eventually, Windlight was acquired and the Minneapolis office was closed. Evan, however, had some fantastic experiences and accolades. He is very proud of the Emmy Award for the animated series “Rolie Polie Olie.”

Back in Boston, Olive Jar Studios (OJS) hired Evan to head their 3D CG department.  OJS was a commercial and film production studio that housed CG, traditional and stop–motion animation departments.  Soon, Evan discovered a mad passion for the integration of all these different mediums.  After a couple years OJS was sold and closed down. Yes, it happened again.

Evan continued to work in the film and television as a freelance artist.  He worked independently and together with former colleagues on various commercials. He is very proud of his work on Errol Morris' Oscar winning film “The Fog of War”.  Evan also taught animation at both Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Emerson College.  He now dedicates his full time to LaundroMutt™ and the B.Y.O.D.s.  Evan is the official designer (and handyman, bookkeeper, computer repairman, etc).  He has meticulously scrutinized everything from the design of the logo and the colors of the walls, to the placement of the tubs and shape of the divider walls.  Yeah, there's some OCD happening here, just ask the staff.  When Evan is not working on broken vacuum or rearranging the dog leashed by Kandinsky's color theory, you can find him engrossed in many different sports and activities.  He is an avid rower and plays Ultimate Frisbee.  His Australian Shepherd, Brumby, is a great practice partner.  Some of Evan's other favorite ways to past the time are fly–fishing, sailing, tennis, skiing, cooking and sometimes . . . sleeping.



Brumby         green up arrowtopNice Cathc, Brumby!

Brumby is our eight year old, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. He loves everyone and everything.  Therefore, he is LaundroMutt's official greeter. By far, Brumby's greatest joy is to jump through the air. As, you might guess, he is a fantastic frisbee dog.

In Brumby's world, it is a party day in and day out.  Every day masses of dogs come over to his "house" and play. Oh, and they also get a bath. If he only knew how good he's got it.







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Teca in the grassAzteca, Teca for short, is our five year old German Shepherd. One part watchdog... two parts goofball, she watches and learns acrobatics from her stealthier older brother.  And while she has become an excellent swimmer, the sight of her leaping through the air after a frisbee just makes you laugh... every time.











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Ellery and Teca cooling offEllery and Parker round out our bipedal pack.  They are our pride and joy.  To no one's surprise, "doggie" was one of their first words.